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Hamble Local History Society

Hamble Articles

Bugle Inn Bugle.pdf 266.2 KB Buses from Hamble early 1950s Bus-1950s.pdf 196.3 KB Caravan Site Caravan-Site.pdf 185 KB College of Air Training CAT.pdf 188.3 KB Doctor Surgeries Doctor-Surgeries.pdf 189.6 KB Early 1900s living in Hamble Living-in-Hamble-1900s.pdf 270.1 KB Ensign Airliner Ensign.pdf 198 KB Fire Brigade Fire-Brigade.pdf 497.6 KB Flower Shows Flower-Shows.pdf 187.5 KB Garage at Hamble Halt Hamble-Halt-Garage.pdf 187.6 KB Hamble Cliff House Hamble-Cliff-House.pdf 191.5 KB Hamble's Crab and Lobster Trade Crab-&-Lobsters.pdf 306.7 KB Hamble House Hamble-House.pdf 327.2 KB Hamble Lifeboat Hamble-Lifeboat.pdf 422.2 KB Hamble Parish Council Hamble-Parish-Council.pdf 1.2 MB Hamble River Luke Co Seaplane Luke-Seaplane.pdf 289.1 KB Hamble Star Dinghy Hamble-Stars.pdf 584.8 KB Hamble Week/Regattas Hamble-Week.pdf 190.6 KB Henville Educational Foundation Henville.pdf 270.8 KB Hooker's Bakery Hooker-Bakery.pdf 188.6 KB Moody Janverin - Hamble's Naval Shipbuilder Moody-Janverin.pdf 269.6 KB Oil Terminal Oil-Terminal.pdf 202.4 KB Post Office Post-Office.pdf 192.1 KB Prefabs Prefabs.pdf 190.6 KB Roman Hoard Roman-Hoard.pdf 182.1 KB Sail Loft - Satchell Lane Sail-Loft.pdf 187.2 KB School Christmas early 1900s School-Christmas-1900s.pdf 433.3 KB Sir Sam Fay - A renowned Railway Manager Sam-Fay.pdf 112.8 KB St Andrew's Castle St-Andrews-Castle.pdf 183.6 KB Street Names Street-names.pdf 291.7 KB Verdon Avenue Verdon-Ave-History-&-plan.pdf 1.7 MB Village Magazine Village-Magazine.pdf 442.5 KB Westfield Common Westfield-Common.pdf 201.8 KB Westfield Common dispute Westfield-Common-dispute.pdf 280.6 KB WW1 - Hamble Losses WW1-Losses.pdf 192.7 KB WW2 - A Boy at War A-Boy-at-War.pdf 213.6 KB WW2 - Air Raid while at School Air-Raid-School.pdf 184.2 KB WW2 - Air Transport Auxiliary ATA.pdf 531.8 KB WW2 - Battle of Britain Battle-of-Britain.pdf 191.6 KB WW2 - D-Day D-Day.pdf 185.5 KB WW2 - Spitfires Spitfires.pdf 187.7 KB